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Amore e Fantasia Restaurante Italiano

Amore e Fantasia

Naru Iglesias

The restaurant is very cozy and nice. What I didn’t like is the waiting time between the two dishes and the feeling that they weren’t looking out for us. We have eaten the menu of 16€ that was not bad, but the price of the bread, that by the way we have not eaten, is exorbitant, nor let’s say the bottle of water. By the way, it’s fatal that in front of the client one of the waiters gets angry…..that’s better in private.👍👍

Address    Puerto Banus Muelle Benabola, Local 5A, Calle, 29660 Marbella, Málaga     Marbella

Amore e Fantasia Restaurante italiano

miércoles 12:00–24:00 jueves 12:00–24:00 viernes 12:00–0:30 sábado (Fiesta Nacional de España) 12:00–0:30 El horario podría cambiar domingo 12:00–24:00 lunes 12:00–24:00 martes 12:00–24:00


Impactos: 8