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Carmelina Puerto Banus

Italian restaurant


Matija Tatomirovic

Ok, having visited Italy tons of times before i am quite familiar with places like this. Just relying on Italian background, and serving children sized portions. Typical tourist trap. Advertizing inexpensive meal in front of the place, and then when you sit down surprises just keep coming. They charge and arm and a leg for every thing you order additionally, and the portions are a joke. Miniature in size, just look at the pictures. I got the impression the waiter was embarrassed to even serve them. Even though there were only three tables we still waited 40 minutes for the starter. The view and surroundings are terrible. Passing cars make noise, and spred dust all over the place. Terrible thing to see in the midday sun, trying to have a lunch. The place doesn’t have the drink card, besides very limited vine and spirit part in food menu which makes you freeze at the very sight of the prices. The traces of food we got served as a meal tasted good though, but after we finished the meal we went further and had another lunch. Just a shameDavid Grabiner

Good antipasti and a pretty decent pizza. Service very hit (the owner, presumably) and miss (the rest). Swings a fairly uncomfortable gimmick but fun for the kids.Layal Alshmassi

good food and nice way for the swings. the garlic bread was not good. but pizza and pasta were good.Tobias Bothe

Nice service. Perfekt location. And good meal.Jeni Tual

Service is good but food is soso. The swing is a plus.Viacheslav Zubko

don’t recommend food is not tasty and overpriced + very limited menuCarlota VR

I’ve been to this restaurant plenty of times, I was in love with the place, however today two members of the staff who are in “charge” were able to show their true colours. Usually if you call (we’ve done this before) you get a 30% off in the total bill. Today because there were more people dinning and becaude tourist decide to try out the place they went out of their way to make me feel stupid and deny the availability of the discount. Its a true shame that a good restaurant would place in charge two people of staff failing to do their job at creating a good customer service. Incompetence could most definitely ruin a good business.Khaled Al-Shatti

Went there for a late breakfast, had the omelette with cheese and mushrooms and I loved it. Nice atmosphere at the garden with the swings. Friendly serviceChristopher Bruylant

Very cool place with nice food. The hanging chairs outside re very fun during summer. Food is good, prices are ok but definitely not economical. Great place for dinnerIgnacio Ramos Herman

If you like authentic Italian cuisine, you will love it. I totally agree with other comments about the perfect tiramisù. My little advice for real tiramisù lovers: order a shot of amaretto di Saronno… And mix it with the coffee before they prepare the tiramisù… My second advice: it is a big portion, so take one for 2…Stephen Lambert

Went to Jam on Sunday night (the last night of our holiday). It was about half full and we asked for a table for 4. Then we waited. We waited some more and then waited just a bit longer. We eventually walked out as it was clear no one wanted to get us a table and we were really hungry. The food might be really good but we never got that far.Tor-Erik N

I was here last year, two times, the food and service was excellent then.. I would have given this place a 5 star back then. Today however, we got our Saturday evening ruined by the poorly trained staff.. they did a lot of mistakes, not offering us side dishes at all to a steak meal which consists of (guess what) only the steak, the food got cold while waiting for the newly ordered side dish (supposedly only 5 minutes away, but it took closer to 15.. I took the time).. the steak got reheated in an attempt to make us happy, but now the potatoes are cold only lame excuses and smiles were offered during the whole ordeal and at no time did the fraise “the customer is always right” enter my mind.. sadly also, not in the hostesses mind.. to be fair, we were offered a free bottle of wine for the next time we would visit at the time we paid the bill (had to physically walk over to them to achieve that.. as they left us at the table), but frankly we could not wait to leave.. so after paying the full bill (83 euros, for a bottle of wine, a beer, cold side dishes, and reheated steaks which weren’t that good.. all while admitting to making mistakes.. totally not worth it!!) we left the place, with the complementary wine ticket (worth about 40-50 Euro) still on the table.. I truly hope they got the message!! The whole matter could (and should) have been resolved immediately by giving us a new steak, offering us all the side dishes we could desire (which we would have gladly paid for), and served the whole meal as one complete dish, and we would have been happy about that.. not coming back ever is a term I rarely use, but tonight I do.Darshil Shah

Good vegetarian pasta & good ambience..Trish Park

Amazing food to die for. Great service. You really must try their home made pasta. Will definitely come back.Kalle Klovn

Calm place. Good food, good service. Recommended :)Jens Bjørn-Christensen

Decent food, pretty okay service but terrible cocktails. They clearly don’t have a bartender. They do get the third star because of their nice swings instead of chairs.Sebastian Bahri

Some of the best Italian I’ve had outside Italy. And their service will make you leave the place with a huge smile. Must have: TiramisuDean Weaver

Absolutely first class food & service. Highlight of our weekend ! Just note – my review was for a previous version of this place “jam” . I have no experience of the new owners/ setup/ food/service….bit annoyed Google felt they could move my review to new business ……Jason Swan

Great setting, nice friendly helpful staff. Very nice calzone!Mike Coles

Lovely food, diy tiramusu a must. Friendly staff and the novelty of sitting on a swing whilst eating. Definitely will go here again.Cheryl Gavira

Nice simplevitalian good. Good price nicely decorAted. Easy to park. Always good quality. Chetylclotilde charret

Superb, the cuisine as well as the swinging seats and the location!!!Håvard Olerud Eriksen

Very good food and also an extra star for having gluten-free pasta.James Guild

Very tasty gnocchi, however calzone had very little filling. Friendly staff.J Atz

Execellent food and lovely atmosphere! loved it!Bruno Fortes

Authentic italian food. Delicious Edit: 7 months ago i gave 5 stars. Nowadays, they are charging 2.5 euros per person for couvert thats not explicit anywhere. And that doesnt include anything. So im downgrading my reviewMajed Al Shamsi

Good Italian food in the Banus district, the DYI Tiramisu is a must.Tess McCarthy

Beautiful food definitely recommendDonal Fleming

Amazing…steve co

Italian restaurant ok. We eat on swings which is original. The pasta is served in great dishes !!! Bemol on the service that is too often wait. I recommend tiramisu prepared before our eyes by the boss … (Original) Restaurant italien correct. Nous mangeons sur des balançoires ce qui est original. Les pates sont servies dans des plats geants!!! Bemol sur le service qui se fait trop souvent attendre. Je recommande le tiramisu préparé devant nos yeux par le patron…



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