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Funky Buddha Puerto Banus

Funky Buddha Puerto Banús

Disco club  Funky Buddha Puerto Banus


Reviews  of Funky Buddha Puerto Banus

Aidan King

€20 entry and included a drink. Bar on other side of entrance had one lady who was working extremely fast and another guy who didn’t want to be there. Good music

Mo Kashif

The female bar staff here have a really bad attitude. They make you feel as if you are bothering them when ordering drinks as if they have better things to do then the job they’re getting paid for. They’re happy to chat among themselves whilst people are waiting to be served and greet you with a reluctant gawp when you try and order a drink. Any other bar or club in Banus has better service.

Rahul Chawla

Nice music and set up but dry club. Its ok if u get in for free otherwise not worth the Eur 50 they try charge at the entrance

Raghav Wanchoo

Long review warning :- The place was amazing post 2am. Quite crowded but good. Music was nice. There’s a 20 euro entree fee which includes 1 drink. The reason I’ve given 3 stars is because of the shocking experience I had. I was dancing with one of my friends and a guy ( White guy, medium height, well built hands, big lips, describing everything as I couldn’t get a picture of him. ) came to me and asked me to teach him how to dance. I first thought he was gay so I denied. Post which he started asking me my native place and other questions, he had held my hand and was talking in my ear. I didn’t want to talk so I told him I was drunk, only to realise that he was TRYING TO STEAL MY WRIST WATCH. I wasn’t actually drunk I just told him that to push him away. He had almost opened my watch and as soon as I realised that I took a step back and tightened my watch. He noticed that I had figured it out but there was not even a hint of fear on his face. Post that the entire night he was roaming around staring at people’s hands maybe to get more watches. I wanted to report this to the management or security but was too scared as it was a new place a new country for me and I’m sorry to say this but what if someone internal was involved too. Then I saw this man talking to a few other people ( they all looked like normal customers ) who were carrying small black sling bags. Ladies too. Maybe it was an entire gang and they used the bags to store the stolen things. It was a very shocking experience, the management should do something about this, and if people internally are involved then I have nothing to say it’s a shame. The reason why I felt so was because I felt this gang would have been coming here everyday as they were aware of each and every corner of this place. Hence I was too scared to report this. Bad experience .

Funky Buddha Puerto Banus Marbella



It’s my second time we going there honestly very nice place inside but I was very deceived about the DJ playing the same old music when I was there the 1st time and old music like 2008 common we are in 2019, need some good music or a better DJ. The worst DJ I ever see honestly it need a big Change in your Playlist.

Alexandra McCabe

I was punched in the face by door staff for questioning what they were doing

Simon Romero

I want to go to funky buddha!

Merlon Barrdon

Best Night Club in Puerto Banus … House, electronic, 90s, commercial, etc

Michael Z

Came with a valid ID and scan of passport and got rejected after going twice before.

Rasmus JN

Very young crowd get ready for this place / town – cause its ready 4U


I liked the decor. Cigarette machine, 5 euros for a pack! Good music, decent drinks. It’s a nightclub for young people, but I enjoyed myself.

Mikael Selander

Awesome music, great venue.

Nik Odermatt

Nice club  and folks.

Ajen Kandy

They still charging high prices in low season, come on dude .

Enrico Bellini

Nice club, even though a little bit too young the audience and not outstanding the DJ

Duncan Davies

Had a table booked last night for 5 people – been there loads time. Now door man said you got to be over 21 to get in. First time I have heard this I’m with 3 guys whom are 18+ Have you changed you age on door ?

Pieter Hermans

Nice club. Need upgrading of Gin-Tonic offerings .

Wendy Colman

Amazing place in Puerto Banus.Very nice.

Manuel Vega

The best Night Club in Puerto Banus

Ali Makki

Teenage crowds ,but funny place.

Miguel Angel Castro 

The best  in the town.

Imade Oussi Abdellah

Good place

Alexander Shawo

Great time

Gearoid O Sullivan

Good club, expensive drinks .

Vishal Sheth

Super place ..

Twest West


Will Camden

Rich vein of spades

Tim Torne

Good indeed

Khamit Seitali


Harry Siepel


Jeje Pazz

Good atmosphere. Too bad people start arriving around 3-4am Bonne ambiance. Dommage que les gens commencent à arriver vers 3-4h du mat .

Alexandre Varak

Very good nightclub, the bouncers are nice. At the entrance you will be asked to pay € 20 to enter with a free drink. This box is one of the few on marbella to be opened as late as most by boxes of marbella closes around 3am. I spend a very good evening Très bonne boîte de nuit, les videurs sont sympathiques. A l’entrée on vous demandera de payer 20€ pour entré avec une consommation offerte. Cette boîte est une des rares sur marbella à être ouvert aussi tard car la plus par des boites de marbella ferme vers 3h. J’ai passer la bas une très bonne soirée

Fernando Cuevas

The atmosphere is very good, the treatment in general is good, the service is good and the value for money is very good. How extra would add more animation to the existing one to give it a much more premium touch El ambiente es muy bueno, el trato en general está bien, el servicio es bueno y la relación calidad precio es muy buena. Cómo extra añadiría más animación a la ya existente para darle un toque mucho más premium

Adriana Zambrano

I hallucinate, I was waiting in line to enter with friends and then the porters for no apparent reason insulted me by calling me old age and not letting me in. Incredible. Zero education I’m still hallucinating.

Sebas Cardenas

Mythic port nightclub, large reserved areas and space to dance. The prices are similar to the other bars. Mítica discoteca del puerto, amplias zonas de reservados y espacio para bailar. Los precios son similares a los demás bares.

Patricia Moncayo

I’ve been going to this club for years and the treatment I received today has been regrettable. Unfortunate of the kind that the waitresses / public relations / slums have thrown things, we have thrown gum and papers. All for having lost a claim sheet. We were in a reserved by invitation. While we were still there, they have thrown us out to receive commission for that sale or for pleasure, we do not know. We have never had such a problem, we are Marbella and we were (no longer) ALWAYS). They have almost pushed us, with cuts of sleeve and a disproportionate bad treatment. Due to this deal we have decided to ask for a complaint form and his response has been to throw us out of the premises and saying that we never entered the premises again. After filling out the claim sheet (which they refused to provide us with, even going as far as to allow us to enter the loxal again) that’s when the girls who worked there started throwing things at us. When we asked the name of the girl who treated us like this, they told us the name of a worker who had nothing to do with the story, and the only one who did well in the situation, I guess by mobbing with her partner. I have to say that when we were thrown off the table we offered to pay the table and another bottle, I imagine that the commission or the tip that was given to the lady is (not to call it otherwise) was greater than her interest in us remaining there.  While filling out the complaint form (apart from throwing things at us) they had a condescending treatment and a mocking laugh. I will not go back or recommend this place EVER.


Good place, girls have free admission but men pay 20e and only 1 drink .

Jon Cortazar

I do not go again, embarrassing. The girls are free and the boys pay € 20. Also we went out and came back in and a doorman treated us with contempt and told us that “we did not sound” when we had the seal perfectly visible. A trap for guiris.PERSONAL AND LAMENTABLE SERVICE. I do not recommend this scam.

Fernando Jesus Niebla

A luxury service .Un servicio de lujo


Address    Av. Julio Iglesias, s/n29660 Puerto Banus, Marbella

Telephone   +34 657 62 71 44