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Mister Noodles Puerto Banus

Mister Noodles Puerto Banus

Asian restaurant


Bart Vanseer

I am not a noodles fan but even I like them here! Very nice view as well, you can see people with their hired sport-cars drive circles and try to impress the girls (which are in turn trying to impress them).. very entertaining. Back to the food: the appetizers are also very good, shrimps with the sauce they put on the side is simply incredible.

Jungoo Taetootles

Extremely delicious food! Not that many tables outside but still really amazing. Recommended 🙂

John Metzger

Always a good option to get some tasty food… Fast, clean, fun and tasty… Very popular and very convenient location.

Azad Faliv

Very good food and nice people serving

Genny Daria

Mister noodles i love it but it has to have mor type of food

Janos Tompa

Very busy place.Lovely thai and Chinese pastas and foods.

Ann Garrett

Gave them another chance last night had a takeaway salad and 3 noodle dishes. The salad was foul lettuce slimy, avocado grey, chicken like rubber, noodle dinners looked more like a pot noodle than a prepared dish. Second time NO MORE there are alternatives now great one I’m told in San Pedro try that next time. And on top of that my husband has been ill all night. Thanks Mr Noodles but no thanks x.

Forrest Roche

I assume the food is good as most of the reviews say so but their website for ordering take-out or delivery is an absolute disaster. You have to register with your email address just to see the menu. After ordering the site told me that they could not guarantee that my order had been received and that if no one called within 10 minutes to confirm that I should call them, but nowhere on the site do they list their number. So you are left guessing if they are even going to prepare your food. There is also no payment functionality on the website and though the homepage says that they deliver, when you order you are told what your pickup site is; there is no option for delivery. After 10 minutes no one had called so I ordered from another place and another 10 minutes after THAT they finally called me and I told them to cancel the order. I could have Googled the phone number and called to confirm that they had received my order but I refuse, the single most important function of any website is to provide contact information. I can’t understand how a business that has multiple locations can use such an incredibly dysfunctional platform. It is less than worthless, it is an absolute deterrent to ordering. My grandmother could design a better site. And she died in 1974. Maybe someday I’ll walk in and actually try the food. Or maybe not.

Marbella Promo

There portions are large so come hungry, you won’t be disappointed. Plenty of TV’s to watch the games! Staff is very friendly and the food is awesome! Plenty of locations around town as well.

John Moorman

Great price. Generous portions


Mister Noodles Puerto Banus Marbella

Dan Hodder

Lovely food. Portions are just right. Prices about normal for the location.

Max Dickinson

Tried this place a few weeks after it opened, and I can’t say I am surprised to see it still going strong. Good location, good food!

Lisa Meadows

Good spring rolls, decent Pad Thai, Big portions,reasonable prices. Winner!

Benoit Panissie

Exactly what you see is what you eat! Home delivery too – the perfect choice for a lazy night.

Fara Fawzi

Good value but food very very salty

Rania Al-Sulaimani

Very good food, a fast Chinees food, noodles are extremely yummy

Taimour Shah

Decent food and amazing service

Jean Westwood

Good fast service by pretty ladies with a smile Good portion size fresh ingredients Green curry lacking curry flavour though. Just tasted like chicken & veg in a cream sauce. Good value for money . Will go again.

Asbjørn Hagen Nielsen

Super nice place to sit outside watching life in Puerto Banus (which is not boring) Inside lots of noise


Top Nooddles, I think, the Best I ever eat

Taylor McIntosh

Good food, waiting time can vary quite a bit but they also have a great selection of fresh fruit.

Faris Edrees

Amazing restaurant and one of the best restaurants for casual dining and for Asian cuisine.

Søren Lykkegaard

Love it, cheap, kind staff and delicious food!

Shivakumar R

Good noodle place… but serving size is big

Steve Zahn

Good place casual,cheap and nice people

Siobhan Nolan

Great service and excellent food.

David Randall

Absolutely awful customer service, staff mixed up our bills up with another table and accused us of not paying. Rude staff refused to let us leave and argued aggressively with us in front of other customers in the middle of the restaurant. All very embarrassing and staff did not apologise even after they finally worked out the mix up with the bill was their mistake. The food was not that great either.

Kristof Debie

Always a good idea when you’re lazy to cook


Fast service, great food. Place is busy at the usual times but service and food still good.

Stephanie P. Dupouy

OMG the best noddles ever. I will love to have one in Paris. Best quality / Best price.


Address  Av de Manolete, 14, 29660 Marbella, Málaga

Telephone   +34 951 40 00 08