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Mumtaz Restaurant Indio

Mumtaz Restaurante Indio

Fernando  Gutierrez

For me the best Indian restaurant I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating in. Everything is exquisite You are advised very well of what you have to take. Fabulous site on the front line of the José Banus marina, in the area of the big ships. 👍👍👍

Albert C.

Well, I think it’s a place for upper-class people, although I’ve tried almost everything and it’s a delicacy to eat there everything is delicious. 

John Rews

The food is amazing. In the menu there is a good variety of dishes, reserved for vegans, ingredients well described. The very friendly staff invited us to drinks. The atmosphere is authentic Indian restaurant with touches of Puerto Banus style. The prices are reasonable considering its location.I would repeat without a doubt.

Address    Puerto José Banús, Casa A, Local 7, 29660 Marbella, Málaga     Marbella

Mumtaz Restaurante indio

miércoles 13:00–23:30 jueves 13:00–23:30 viernes 13:00–23:30 sábado (Fiesta Nacional de España) 13:00–23:30 El horario podría cambiar domingo 13:00–23:30 lunes Cerrado martes 13:00–23:30