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Navy Bar Nightclub

Navy Bar Puerto Banus Nightclub

Night club


Sven-olaf van Slijpe *Old-Hickory*

Great place for adult entertainment. The place has been freshened up in 2017. Still the same nice cosy atmosphere. You can bring your wife/girlfriend along, and sure she will have a good time as well!

fufu fotos

Perfect place to find a girlfriend for the night !! You can bring your wife. Great atmosphere

office office

Very nice place and beautiful decoration, nice girls but it was almost impossible to talk because of the loud music so I had to leave after a while…

Colin Coombe


jan erkelens

(Translated by Google) what kind of price do the girls ask for the night on average wat voor prijs vragen de meisje gemiddeld voor de nacht

Enrique Llorens

(Translated by Google) Excellent atmosphere nice staff and goalkeepers some cracks Ambiente excelente personal agradable y porteros unos cracks


Telephone  952 81 71 70