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Nikki Beach Marbella – Restaurant & Beach club

Nikki Beach Marbella - Restaurant & Beach club



Leah Pratt We went as part of my sisters birthday celebrations. The brunch was lovely but the day was nearly ruined when we arrived. The staff were appallingly rude and we were treated horribly. We were a large group of 10, some went on ahead as we were running late. The first 5 girls went in with no problems when the second girls arrived we were stopped at the door saying we couldn’t come in as were all wearing white. Apparently it’s against their policy hen dos, bachelor parties or for guests to be in ‘uniform’, we weren’t wearing matching clothes but just the same colour, however our friends were allowed in with no problems. Two girls behind us were wearing matching swimsuits and were let in, plus a girl in the group had a bride tribe bag and ring pool float, clearly a hen do, yet she was let in without issue. Clearly this policy is discretionary, yet we were forced to leave and change, upsetting my sister. We had been corresponding via email for weeks before the day to arrange booking a table for brunch, reserving sun loungers and prepaying, this so called policy was not mentioned at any point. How hard would it have been to send a link for terms and conditions or a list of rules during all the back and forth to avoid upset? What good is a sign by the door once everyone has arrived? The only difference between us and the others who were let in, is we were a group of black and mixed race girls and the others were white. It was a disgrace.

Francisco Lago

Great vibes and amazing service. Our waiter was Juan and he provided top notch service. Even recommended a few local bars/clubs to visit at night. Overall Nikki beach is an absolute must if visiting Marbella.

XRP Money never again, we have sent 4 days before by e-mail a reservation request sent to the meal. Unfortunately we didn’t get an answer a day later when we sent the same e-mail again. Obviously the turnover and the shop seems to be going so well that Marbella doesn’t need any answers, apart from the turnover. In Europe you can forget the clubs in general in Italy the same we can forget the club in st. Barth recommend there really everything was right. Also an info on Nikki Beach Bookings was ignored, fortunately there are other clubs in Marbella that appreciated our reservation. Even 1 star is still too much…Never again !!!

Luke Gold

Lovely pool and good food. The water sports zone on the beach has the latest jetskis and water toys. Really good day out.

Stephen Crutchley

Best beach club I visited during my time in Marbella. Highly recommend to everyone. Especially loved the live saxophone player by the pool! Awesome atmosphere!

Gail Boynton

Absolutely unreal. You have to go here before you die ..atmoshere second to none..fabulous food …service …cannot put into to words you have to go and see ….im 60. .felt 20


When ever in Marbella this is a must place to come! The atmosphere is second to none, the DJ, Antonio plays the best is house music anywhere around Marbs. Can’t wait to come back next year! If you have never been before it is a little bit out the way from Purto banus so you’ll want to make a day of it. If you have a yacht or hired a boat for the day they will come and collect you from your boat which is a lovely touch! A place not to be missed when you are in the area.

Elsie Jaime

Delicious food, beautiful views, good costumer service. A bit pricey but worth it.

abigail churchill

Please do not compare this place to any other beach nikki! Absolutely out standing place. Staff 10/10, service 10/10, food 10/10, music 10/10. The vibe and atmosphere was outstanding. I love this place.

Jaanus Krull

A fun and exciting place. I recommend approaching by the sea.

Sonia Dedi This is the second time I’ve been here after a few years. The food and drinks are amazing but the staff are very rude! I asked how much the sunbeds were and they told me to join a queue at reception to ask that question. Really? I joined the queue and 10mins later they told me to move to the side, changed the direction of the queue and told me I was out of the queue and had to rejoin at the end!! WTF. I heard a woman who was at the front of the queue ask the very same question and the same staff member told them the price! Amazing place but need to teach their staff hospitality and manners – something you shouldn’t have to teach a fully grown woman. What a shame.

Retal Sabbahi

I had sooooo much fun and I don’t recommend bringing children and come from about 3 to 7 pm which is the best time to go and definitely reserve a bed or two before you go.

Ema Kicheva Very poor service, broken umbrellas and dirty sand. I expect impeccable service quality against your ambitions and statements. Nobody came to offer us drinks, nobody helped us with the umbrellas.

Jojo Nzuruba We were in Marbella for a hen holiday and the group ordered and paid for 2 cabanas, spending well over £2000. However, on arrival we discovered we were only given one so all 20+ people were squashed in to one cabana in the 28+ degrees. What was most disappointing is that the management were unwilling put their mistake right. They didnt handle themselves well and it was frustrating and annoying and really spoilt the mood of the day. I would not recommend. there are other beach clubs in the area I would look elsewhere.

Corina Jones

I love the vibe here but I have to vote down due to our host. He wasn’t readily available, and when we asked if we could buy individual cocktails/drinks he said no, and not even at the bar. We went to the bar and found them selling individual cocktails etc. He also failed to give my friend her driving license back upon payment and were lucky she remembered he had it and went back to ask! I don’t know his name but staffing needs to be more attentive

Balbir Bains

Long wait ti get in evan though we were booked in for the VIP tables… staff very rude at the carpark however all in all the rest of the day was fun

Violeta Rabrenovich

Great service, Mario was awesome trying to help me with food selection and my sun umbrella, great food had a poke salad, music eventually became better, between 5 -6PM.

Ciprian Gheorghiu

Amazing place on the beach. This one has a pool in the middle. Same cool vibe as Nikki Miami Beach.

Danielle White Poor service! we had booked two beds and had a specific host. Our host was sleazy and was trying his best to get us to spend more money (misleading us that jugs were better value when they weren’t as one example). We would have spent more money if it didn’t take over an hour each time to get a round of drinks. The host acted like it was the bars fault but he forgot on more than one occasion and even came back and tried to re take an order as he had clearly forgotten. When it came to the bill we didn’t feel he was entitled more than the 12.5% service charge added to the bill, but paid over the bill amount and didn’t receive any change from the waiter. He was visibly and verbally angry that we didn’t not provide a better tip and then ignored us after that.

Dwayne Maloney

Great fresh fish! It’s a must to enjoy while taking a break from the beach!

adnan sabbahi

Lovely swimming pool party . Nice DJ with good music choices .

Maha Bahjat

Great music, food, beach, etc.. Before you go check their Instagram account they usually host events like ladies day ( VIP beds, drinks, and lunch for only 59€ ) or rosé Saturdays

Ara Svadzian

Cool experience and great service but extremely overpriced for anything and everything.

Mohamed Nabil Very expensive there better places less money with more drinks and netter quality plus I left my nike shos there but no body answer or help me to take back which mean some of worker there is thief

Carolyn Barraclough

Super fun as always! Great food, fun atmosphere!


Loved this place, relaxed party atmosphere playing some cool chilled ibiza type tunes. Expect to pay around 14€ for bottle of lager or €15 for Gin and tonic

Rachel Steward

Food was incredible, amazing service can’t fault this place at all.


Food Service Vibe Music Love the place

Leena Devi

Great summer vibe here, love the DJ and the sax. Something for everyone

matthew faraji

Very nice place for entertainment but extremely expensive. Wines quality wasn’t good for the prices they charged us.

Alain Haentjens

Very good food and drinks. Very convivial place to spent time with family and friends.

james gallagher

Great music and staff and one of the best days in Marbella


High quality great atmosphere & awesome service!

Mutasem Mohamed

Amazing place , best place for a group of people as well.

Wanda Smallman

expensive …young adult vibe …no kids in pool….instagram worthy…vacation spot…sushi boat is a must

Dan Jak I think it’s very overrated. In the middle of the night here damped and serving crew is quite ride. One night experience though. Will go and check tomorrow

Luigi Cirillo

Show off and Instagram in a lovely location

Ahmad A Rude staff. Rude manager . Your stuff will get stolen.

Elena García

Beautiful place and nice crowd, the music wasn’t that good though, which it was a shame. And it was very low so nobody was dancing.

Alasdair Burns

Magic – love it ♥️


Telephone  952 83 62 39