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Pizzeria Picasso

Pizzeria Picasso

Pizza restaurant



Mohamed Alabbasi

5/5 Service: was fast service & friendly staff. 5/5 Dishes: Good food & quality. 5/5 Pricing: value of the it was acceptable. Cozy atmosphere & chilling, where you can enjoy having your dinner with friends & family and love ones. Sometimes, there are as queue and waiting list, it might move fast and it worth it

Valdemaras Paukste

Very tasty and good quality pizzas. Not expensive (pizza about 15 eur.) Incredible size ice cream desserts for kids! Little bit messy atmosphere inside, but overall not bad, ant probably the best to go with kids.

Diego C

Giant portions while the food is decent. Many of the plates It will definitely fill you, but it’s not extremely enjoyable… The waiting line was much shorter than expected which was a an important part of it. The service was impressive, and the food had great value for the area in which the restaurants in…

Isabelle Caruana

This place is amazing the food is great, the service is great and it’s quite well surprised for the restaurants around it. Highly recommend to visit the port, however don’t expect it to be quite shape it’s very expensive and very posh area. Make sure you do reservation for lunches or dinners, it gets quite busy.

Lloyd Blake

Quick service, ideal view of harbour. Excellent food, really generous portion size. Sensible prices.

Marbella Diva

This place has been here for years, it only gets better! Food is good and not expensive (especially considering it’s front line Banus!) … I had my son’s 4th birthday dinner here, he loved it, especially when all the lights went down, and Stevie Wonders “Happy Birthday to ya” started blasting on the speakers, with a cake and sparklers carried to the table by the staff with the whole restaurant clapping and singing along …. HIGHLY recommend!

Seonad Macleod

The best pizza restaurant in the area. Always busy. Great staff.

Pizzeria Picasso Marbella

Nikolaï Ray

The ambiance, location and food were awesome! Inexpensive too, for Puerto Banus.

David Mendoza-Wolfson

Massive portions of tasty food (American versions of Italian dishes), with a justified queue outside. Definitely great value for money – particularly at the port! The other side of the queues is an incredibly busy restaurant, which while great for families, doesn’t make for the most gizellig environment in the world.

Fahad Adnan

Food is good and big portion. But waiting time is 50 minutes.. BBQ, pizza was really good

ASD Traveller

Delicious American food in Marbella. The restaurant is quite busy so be prepared for a long queue. The service was not bad.

Haifa Alajlan

Great atmosphere and staff,Good for families and friends,A bit crowded,Price is reasonable.

Colin Bouwer

Staff: 5/5 Customer friendly, served with a smile 🙂 Saw the pizza chef’s with a constant big smile while making the pizza. Very passionate. Restaurant: 5/5 Clean table, sharp pizza knives, clean toilet, clean floor. Queue at the front seems long, but they work it away very fast. Never stood there for more than 15 minutes. Food: 5/5 Never disappoints. It’s the perfect temperature to start eating instantly. Plates are warmed up to keep your food hot. It’s always delicious! Never had a bad dish. If you’re in Puerto Banus, and you have the oppertunity to eat here, you should!

Frederik Faidhi

They kept us waiting for over 15 minutes despite flagging a waiter or more down but the all answer in Spanish and all were in a hurry. This is not busy, this is disorganisation furthermore having a waiter argue with a customer is not my idea of a conversation. Pathetic & Commercial Food & for sure not worth visiting again

Colly Ross

Love this place. Always look forward to returning every year we holiday in South Spain.

Marcin Janura

Lovely place, nice and friendly staff, very tasty food. I highly recommend

Anne-Louise Brown

Greasy and smelly and way too pricey. Had pasta which was inedible as too much spice so we had to share the pizza (which dripped with grease). When asked for discount waiter said it’s on the menu not our fault. Plates were literally thrown on the table was crammed like a cattle market.

Paul Delahunty

Long Q to get in. Once we got in the service was fast and friendly. Portions were generous. I highly recommend the Spaghetti Pili Pili, amazing dish. Everyone enjoyed their food and had a great time. Would highly recommend

Stephan Tual

Are very popular pizzeria on the port. You’d be lucky to get a table even though it is nothing special in itself. Service is prompt but impersonal. Overpriced like many things in Puerto Banus


They have the best pizzas i ever eaten, i recomend you to stop by and eat a pizza, you won’t regret!


Delicious pizza and pasta with good prices.

ᗩᗷᗪᗩᒪᒪᗩ Kᕼᗩᑎ

Great portions of different flavours of foods with the Italian dishes. The place itself is amazingly cool.

Lee Fox

Probably the best restaurant in Marbella! Once you visit you will not go anywhere else! Make sure you are ready for a huge feast! Great Customer Service! Spot on!

Tomasz Ludwicki

Always crowded but worth queuing. Good food and friendly waiters! Also affordable prices as for Marbella


The place is so nice lots of interesting things with view love it….the food was so yummy

Nigel Beaumont

Great Italian, big portions and not too expensive

Mashael Alasousi

Best resturant in marbella . it has tasty food , big portion and grat prices

Mark Monaghan

Good food. Fast service. Not expensive.

James Lindsay

Very busy restaurant good menu fast efficient staff a bit noisy near kitchen servery area much guieter nearer front.


Yummy food and big portions of food friendly staff even they late to take the orders highly recommended


Address  Casa H, Calle Muelle Ribera, Local 48, 49, 29660 Marbella, Málaga

Telephone   +34 952 81 36 69