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Seven Puerto Banus

Seven Puerto Banus

Disco club


Riaanna  Walker

I liked this club a lot when it comes to the decor and the atmosphere. The music was OK but I believe it depends on your taste. The staff were nice and the promotor Marco is super friendly. Will be returning to this place for sure!

Visius Cron

Great drinks, dance and friendly staff!

Luke Daly

Average atmosphere not a great buzz. The bouncers tried to make us pay for a shisha we didn’t buy. There is many better places than this available in Puerto Banus.

Seven Puerto Banus Bar

Marc Cherfan

Great place to party, not to expensive 160- 170 euros gets u a table and a bottle. Good music nice vibes and atmosphere. Friendly staff and great service, they also have shisha

Huw Griffiths

Watch this one – attended there last week. I paid for drinks with my card. The staff took the card out of my sight and the following morning over €4000 had been taken (It’s the only place I used my card that evening)

Joshua Kuh Hogan

Bouncers tried to intimidate me and my friend into paying for a shisha I did not order or use. Was ejected from the premise upon refusing to do so. Very bad experience that ruined the night

OlaToyin Olu

After reading all the negative reviews i really had my doubt about going, but going to the place especially on a Tuesday evening was actually not bad, they open everyday from 10:30 it started to get full from 12;30 the music was ok, wish the dj played more hot tunes but it was still good, the bouncers were actually ok they didn’t smile much but i think if u not in there way u wont have problem. the drinks are decent prices I actually had a good time especially that it was my birthday Would i go there again? Oh yes, fingers crossed hopefully i go on a good day like i did So dont let the negative reviews stop u from experiencing it yourself and if u lucky u would have a good evening like i did

Sam Buttsy

Seven Peurtos were in there. They all seemed like good blokes. The most Peurtos I’ve ever seen together was six, so it was definitely a personal record for me. The peanuts were blooming marvelous and so were the cucumber sandwiches. Big thanks to all the Peurtos for giving me a night I will never he forgetting.

Ajen Kandy

Tips are not compulsory but your waiter won’t tell you that. Pay the waiter in cash rather than he adding it on top when you pay the actual bill.

Leanne Medland

Great bar. Fabulous staff

Natalia Bob

Beautiful place. Friendly staff but average food. Good for chilling


We arrived at the table where our friends were already. The waiter came over and told us to leave, cos this part is reserved only for girls cos they got free bottle.So what?Then he told us we have to get our drinks if you wanna be there. We already had the drinks in our hands that we got from the very rude bar tender, but even that was not enough so I called the PR to move to the main dance floor. Disgusting behavior! Instead we are gone to the next bar where we spend 500 + eur! Thanks guys, but we had great night and we are not coming back to!

Steffan Clark

There bouncers actively tried to look for people to fight. It was disgusting. Multiple nights in a row they kicked a patrons head in. And on instance. A patron got a full, in asked for swing to the head by a bouncer. With no provocation. Terrible

Disco Club Seven Puerto Banus


Kieron Smith

Full of locals. Not too many posers. Good selection of drinks and great music.

Angela Applegate

Open on a Sunday but clearly didn’t want our business. Went in a large group of 30 year old young professionals, mostly couples, on a group night out on a Sunday. Girls were offered free drinks by the lovely promoter outside, and we were given a few extra vouchers because of the size of our group. One barmaid served us with no problem, the other one refused to take more than one voucher. When we pointed out the inconsistency she proceeded to ask me whether I wanted the drinks or not at 10 euros and then pointedly ignored me. She then didn’t serve drinks to any of the women in the group, only the men! We weren’t allowed to sit down anywhere despite there only being less than 10 other customers in there and at least 8 completely empty roped off areas available. We would have probably bought a few bottles if we were made to feel welcome. Instead we struggled to get drinks and were forced to stand on the overly loud dance floor. Bizarrely also had 2 gogo dancers despite it being dead in there with no male clientele save for those in our group. We drank our free drinks and left for the much more welcoming Irish pub a few doors down. Also don’t make the mistake of straying through the swing door to the bar next door which appears to be the same but won’t let you drink in there either!

Ákos Juhász

The chucker-out were pretty peasants, but the place itself was very good.

Katie Watson

Similar to a London West End club. Decor is nice, music is good, however it’s all a bit too posey.

Marc   Lunec

Is it a night club, is it a lounge, is a it a meat market??? Dance floor can be entertaining on certain nights that it is not busy. Music is ok.

Mark Richards

Came mid May and it’s really quiet early, starts to get busy around 1am. Music selection is ok. Would go again

Fraser McKnespiey

Looked good from the outside, but you have to be over 21 to enter dispite the website stating over 18 entry.

Ali Makki

Spent 5 minutes and left

Aneta Ienco

Rude staff.



Kalle Hokkanen

Great place with great pepople and nice music.

Lenka Kmentová

Great place! I always enjoy when I go there.

Jojo Alka

Avoid this Club, very agressiv guard, you can go to the hospital after going to this bad CLUB !!!!

Jessie and Callum

Security brutality. My husband was asked to leave for no reason. Then three bouncers took him outside and started beating him to a pulp, getting their batons out and smacking him. A female friend of ours came outside to see what was going on and the bouncers smacked her across the face. Escalated really quickly. Unnecessary violence used.

Peter Bowers

Great bar, and lots of quirky decorated seats and walls, not bad options on the drinks too.

Lizzy&Tim Riley

Last Wednesday 11th October at Seven, my friend was dragged out of your club as he was refused entry but snuck in anyway. I appreciate that he should not have snuck in. However after being literally dragged outside, your bouncers for no reason started to attack – punching and kicking. Your bouncers punched my husband who had done NOTHING wrong. None of us were being aggressive and it was completely unnecessary. I ran up to my husband who was being attacked and one of your bouncers punched me in the face and kicked me to the ground. I had done NOTHING wrong. One of our friends called the police who were sympathetic towards us, trying to help. But when more police were called, they turned on us and sided with the club. They then beat my friends with batons, men and women! It was disgusting! I could not believe what I was watching. Nothing like this has ever happened in my life! We are not aggressive people. Most of us came away with bruises and cuts, luckily no one was badly hurt. I cannot believe the way we were treated and I hope this review and others will encourage people to stay away from this violent club.

Faisal Habib

Good atmosphere, but drinks are a bit expensive

Jenna Dmitrienko

Nice place to have drinks

Jon Mjølhus

Took 45 min to get still water to a VIP table

Ali Alka

Very bad service, rude security, they beat anyone boys and girls for no reason !!!

Aarti Khemlani

Great music and atmosphere even on weekdays

Tinda Shergill

Good atmosphere,

Darren O’Donoghue

Best around

Alejandro Lichtenfeld

Omg. haven’t enjoyed like that in years.

Christiaan A.M. Reijnders Boekema

I like to start my nights here… Just saying

Paula Masbaum

Was a lit night

Alexandru Paltinus

Best place for fun i will be back soon

Address    Calle Muelle Ribera, s/n, 29660 Marbella, Málaga

Telephone     +34  657 62 71 44