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Sinatra Bar



Maureen Foster

Fab atmosphere. Freshly cooked snack food. Great staff. Clean comfortable with great buzz.

Sarah Roberts

Absolutely love Danny and the gang, make us welcome every visit. Great drinks, great prices, great atmosphere. See you very soon

Mikhail Goryachkin

Peaceful and calm for those who are 40+

Elaine Beales

A must when your in Puerto banus…no one really knows what the attraction is but it’s always busy…overflows onto the road where the cars pass by….drinks are reasonably priced compared to other places and def genuine strong stuff.. .you need to go here at least once when visiting.

Brenda Mallam

Popular place, I ordered vodka and tonic but only got tonic was charged for this, not happy when I complained I was given vodka and tonic without any fuss?? Seems to be a good meeting place

Rob Simmonds I’m sorry, but any bar that only accepts cash….

Andy Godfrey

Really friendly staff and a great atmosphere.

Emina Muhic

Wonderful place very kind stuff

Geoff Mitchell

Some of the best views in the port

raymond oneill

love Sinatra s bar great view of the port

Luc Costas & Casas

Tiny bar but nice ambiance. In high season the crowd gaders on the street in front and have to move aside when supercars slowly pass through. Iconic meeting place. It used to be the place to be until a few years ago but as more places came, the visitors are mote spread out now over several places.

Andrew fletcher

Nothing to say except legendary. Not cheap though but why should they be?

TREVOR TURNER Not Like It Used Too Be

davis zinetti

Grande staff. Very friendly

Lydia Kibaara

Energetic and ever happy waiter

Paul Regan

Daniel excellent guy – Cuba libre and strawberry frozen daquirai the business !!

Marbella Bull

Great place to network with foregin resident locals. Great staff. Great service. Expect to have fun and meet lots of interesting characters.

Michael W Home to the worst Gin & Tonic in Spain. It’s very busy, has a good atmosphere. But the drinks are served so fast that there is no quality to them.

nick willo

Very popular

Karen Bissett


Ralph Ehlers

Also called: My office…. Friends for years, always a laugh. Best outside main season.

Louise Lemass

They are very happy that we go there, The best view of the port as you arrive, lovely to have a pre dinner drink looking at the people coming into the port for there night out. Monolo is the best bar man on the coast, remembers you from the last time…….I love going there meet list of interesting people there, new friend i have made there…,……I hope it goes on and on and on.

Hendrick Henningson

Nice place to have a drink while shopping!

Ian Keers

Great night we liked music and staff was great looked after us

Jamie Sloan

They know how to make a good cocktail

Murray Westwood

Lovely wee drinking place looking over the Marina…

M Hazem

Best stop best location and best crowed

Roberto Gonzalez Astobiza

The classic at Puerto Banus

John Lynch

Great bar in Puerto Banus right on the Marina and they do lovely cocktails (love the Mojito’s)!! Can get very busy during peak times, but the staff are pretty friendly. Always a good atmosphere here.


Typical Spanish bar but lively

Orlagh Dunne

Best bar in the port, great place during the day to have a drink watch the world go by. Night time great atmosphere.

Richard Fagan

Super service and the best place to meet for a drink. Excellent coffee too

John Withers Was in this bar with some friends only last week, 1 drinks were well over priced, 2 served by some chav who things that he was well it, sume f-in school boy working in the summer holidays with attitude place full of boys over for the weekend acting the hard man trying their best line on every woman that walks in, 3 looks like most of the people in their are on the Johnson? Or sume other types of drugs not just drink. And to think we were recommended to go to this place for a good night out. Not for me or my friends, just a bar full of boys and old men trying to be cool. P. S not seen so much fake tan and fake Ralph Lauren polo in one place and that is just the lady’s out side on the street or were thay working the street?

Mark Sampson

For over 20 years is the place to be in the port

Simon S

Great bar. Great girls. Enough said.

Phil Metcalfe

A PB favourite, very reasonable too.

Julie James

Perfect place for having a good night with friends or a partner. Just come back from 4 days away in Banus and always go sinatras. 6 years been going now and staff so friendly and make you feel so welcome. Looking forward to next October already!

Giancarlo Bois

The best.

ian Parker

Fantastic bar,The guy’s make you feel very welcome even if you haven’t been for a while. The drinks are second to none and they really make the best strawberry daiquiri ever.

Nicholas Recagno

The place has been around since before Banus was even popular. It’s by far the best place to meet for the 1st drinks of the evening as absolutely everyone know where Sinatra Bar is. It’s quite lively in winter too!


Telephone  952 81 90 50