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The Boardwalk Restaurante

The Boardwalk

Ernest Wilson

Terrible deal the rude waiter for saying little… customers waiting to order and the waiter looking at the mobile.A site with so much future for people to denigrate without wanting..

Manuel Acosta Ramos

A public establishment in Marbella (Spain)… for foreigners; your letter only in English and that forgets to deliver the returns of the payment made.

Ruth Aweber

Expensive in relation to what it takes.

Address    29602, Paseo Marítimo, 2, 29602 Marbella, Málaga     Marbella

The Boardwalk Restaurante

miércoles 9:00–24:00 jueves 9:00–24:00 viernes 9:00–24:00 sábado (Fiesta Nacional de España) 9:00–24:00 El horario podría cambiar domingo 9:00–24:00 lunes 9:00–24:00 martes 9:00–24:00

Impactos: 4