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Taj Mahal Marbella

Taj Mahal Marbella

Indian restaurant


Nisha Shah

Awesome food. Great customer service – which included accommodating our group of 5 even when they were about to close. All the food that we ordered, was well prepared and tasted really delicious. Covered outdoor patio is a plus!

Patricia Law

Service and food were lovely friendly staff I visit Puerto Banus every few months and will definitely return xx

Ulf Hagbo

Indian food at its best. Great prices and friendly staff. If you like Indian food, you can’t go wrong here.

Simon Hughes

In the end we managed to get the waiter to smile… it took a lot, but nevertheless the food was great and very well priced.

Deb Thompson

Nice food and good service.

Giovanni Messina

Can not remember such an enjoyable well cooked indian meal. top 3 in Marbella

Abdullah Albaqami

Very amature way of cooking famous plates like butter chicken and tikka masala. Excessive sweetness in mainly sour dishes, which is abnormal compared to same dishes offered in other ciuntries. Same problem in multiple indian restaurants faced in Marbella. Biryani dishes are ok (a erage)

Tony Ant

Fairly consistant old favourite.

Emil Jinstrand

Excellent food, great service. Vegan options available at request, which was also good.


Best indian in all of Marbella, hands down.

Kev Churchill

Went in recently with my wife and three children. Both my wife and I agreed the service was very good. The food is outstanding. By far the best Indian food we have ever eaten. Well done chef!

Taj Mahal Marbella Nueva Andalucia

Tom Lewis

Great food very friendly staff

Sindre Persson

The chicken felt like eating sand.

Alexandra Reynolds

Delicious food, good service

Mansour Aldehaiman

This is A top of all every time I visit Marbela would not hesitate to eat most of the time

Hilary Cahill

Always great food and fab service!

Bill Lismore

Nice meal, good service, fair prices.

Iggy Saxton

Brilliant place to eat .

Luis Manqee

It’s only the Indian Punjabi resturant where Indian Punjabi chefs cook Hence traditional cooking . Where as others don’t have Punjabi chefs.


The waiter like football

Apoorv Singhal

The bad rating is not for food but for staff. Food is excellent here, no complaints against it. Staff is a totally different matter. The people serving the food are not at all courteous and lost in their own world. Takes a long time to even get them to notice you if you want anything.

Karol Soisalon-Soininen

Good Indian cuisine and friendly service with a nice atmosphere.

Nero Straps

Outstanding Indian in Nueva Andalucia, I am with those that say it is the best in Marbella.

Donie Hacke



Very nice and quality food good services friendly staff……

Christopher o’connor

Amazing find while on holiday, recommended by a friend that lives their and it truly is an amazing restaurant staff are also fantastic

Mathias Ã…sberg

On our visit both food and service was outstanding and i would really recommend checking this place out. I would say the best indian food ive eaten.

Robert Leslie

Best madras around

Margaret Farrell

Always a treat the food is excellent.

janice walters

Great food! Well worth a visit!


Address  Calle los Jazmines, 459, LOCAL -B, 29660 Marbella, Málaga

Telephone   +34  952 81 47 19